Welcome to Sol!!! Solana Beach California

Welcome to SOL! 521 S Rios Ave is striking in its design with panoramic ocean views, this jewel is situated on a prime lot in coastal Solana Beach. Developed by The RMCI Group and designed by EOS Architecture, 521 S Rios is a luxury compound filled with opulence. A versatile floorplan, wet bar, and access … Continued

Dreaming of Awake: An American Craftsman’s Dream.

  Dreaming of Awake: An American Craftsman’s Dream.  “In a world where dreams and reality intertwine, where passion becomes a driving force, one worker finds solace in the intricate beauty of their craft. A dedicated artisan whose heart beats to the rhythm of their craft. Amidst the noise and chaos, their mind drifts away to … Continued

Enhancements to the Multi-Point Lock

We are thrilled to announce an enhancement in the multi-point lock we use in our 505 Series Hinged Door products. While our previous lock system was innovative, it simply did not achieve the performance, ease of operation, and high-quality visual aesthetic that customers had come to expect from all Awake products. We began the search … Continued

Improving communications with our QR Code for Installers

Introducing the QR Code: Enhancing Accessibility for Installers We are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the packaging design of Awake Window and Door Company—a QR code! This innovative feature aims to streamline the installation process by providing installers with quick and easy access to the dedicated installation section of our website. With just … Continued

The Awake family: Meet Jesse

At Awake Window & Door Co, we believe in our team.  Everyone plays an important role in building beautiful window and door products, but that’s only a small part of who they are.  We want you to get to know them.  Their dreams are bold.  Their stories are real.  And we’re grateful, as a company, … Continued

Agnora Glass Best Practices for Jobsite Delivery

Receiving a large glass delivery from Agnora glass? Are you prepared? Do you have the right equipment, need to know what to expect? Due to the size and complexities of these shipments, we have worked with Agnora to provide you with a helpful guide to assist you in managing these deliveries. Some of the topics … Continued

Improved communication protocols for shipping and receiving.

At Awake we feel it is of great importance to continue to enhance every facet of our business. During our growth and development over the last year, we have found a few areas of opportunity to improve the customer and partner experience. One of the areas is communication throughout the shipping and receiving process. We … Continued

The Awake family: Meet Rikqee

Meet Riqkee It’s no secret that Awake Window and Door Co. has a unique mission in combating mass incarceration and recidivism in our community. Many men and women seek employment with our company because they know they will be judged by the content of their character and not the charges on a criminal background check. … Continued