Selecting a window company is a big decision. Awake is thrilled to partner with homeowners that want to love their windows and doors while enjoying all the benefits of indoor outdoor living. We want to help you maximize your view, while also connecting you with the perfect dealer in your market.

Live Outside

Enjoy your view
from inside or outside

Awake Window & Door Co. was created out of a desire to build products that you will truly love. When your doors or windows are closed, our hope is that you don’t even notice our product. Our minimal frames are designed to maximize views, flood in visible light, and disappear from sight. When the doors are open, we want entire walls to be eliminated and we want to help extend your living space out onto your patio. We know if we build products that improve your lives, you will be thrilled to help us further our social mission to combat mass incarceration.

The Plan

Using Awake in your
home is easy.

If you are interested in what you see, please follow these (4) simple steps so we can help you with your project.

Discover our products

Please click here to visit our Product page. From here you’ll learn about our family of minimal sightline products. Windows and doors can be complex to understand, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand your options and guide you to great decisions.

Contact Us

Please click here to visit our Contact Us page. This will get you connected with one of our sales reps. Their job is to help answer your questions and explain the process around quoting, ordering, and installation. With our team you are in great hands. Your dream home is just around the corner.

Connect with a dealer

Awake will connect you with one of our elite window and door dealers in your market. Their product expertise, attention to detail, and installation mastery make them the perfect local presence to execute your order. Our dealers are the best of the best and you will love working with them.

Share our story

Awake is driven by our social mission to combat recidivism and the challenge of mass incarceration. By ordering our windows and doors for your home, you are creating jobs and helping to change the stigma around the formerly incarcerated. Please help tell others of the importance of second chances.

They Say
"Installing multi-slide doors in our home completely transformed our view and the way we live. So much light, so much open space, and so easy to entertain."
Maria Gates
- Homeowner
"We want all homeowners to understand the impact they are making. They are changing lives and generations of families by breaking the prison pipeline."
Scott Gates
"It's our dream that when friends and family of our clients see our beautiful doors in their homes, that they would share the story of who built them."
John Engelstad
"We love showing homeowners that the best windows and doors on the market can be built by an amazing group that was given a second chance."
Joe Mason
- Training & Development Coordinator
Contact us to let us know how we can work together with you on your project and help maximize your view.
Visit our CAD Details page to learn how we can quickly get you the .dxf details you need to incorporate them into your plans.
Download a copy of our competitive warranty to learn more about how we warranty our glass, hardware, workmanship, etc.
Visit our news page to learn about the latest news as it relates to our products, our customers, and our important social mission.
Download our care & maintenance guide to ensure your windows and doors last a long time and your warranty is protected.
Visit our FAQ page to see answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our business, our products, and our mission.

Your purchase
makes a difference.

Your window and door selection is one of the largest purchases associated with your home. We are so grateful that you would consider and ultimately choose our product. The end result is changing lives and breaking the prison cycle for generations of families. Thank you for showing the world the importance of employing the formerly incarcerated.