Window Wall

Series 425

Inspired by the structural integrity of commercial curtain wall, but with the refinement, ease of install,  and energy efficiency required for luxury residential. Our 425 Series Window Wall puts all glass in the same plane, removes unsightly stops and weeps, and has sightline as narrow as 1-3/8″.

Fixed Window Wall

Our 425 Series Window Wall was designed with consistency in mind. 1-3/8″ sight-lines can be matched in window wall verticals and all sliding door interlocks. Innovative steel insert pockets enable structural ratings and width and height combinations rarely offered in our industry before.

    Our NFRC test size Window Wall has a low u-value of .32 (LowE3 w/ argon).
    425 series have a max single light size of 96″ x 168″ (4.5″ jamb w/ steel insert in T-Bar vertical).
  • 4.5″ JAMB DEPTH
    A narrow 4.5″ jamb can be common mull or have operable products inserted. 6″ jamb for massive sizes.
With a sleek and modern design, Awake's Fixed Windows will elevate the look and feel of any room. Upgrade your home today with Awake's Fixed Windows and experience the difference for yourself. With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, you'll find the perfect windows to complement your home.
The 425 Series Window wall has an ultra-narrow sightline of only 1". The curtain wall inspired "pressure bar" allows for large sizes, but the innovative design of the nail fin makes installation easy. When operable windows or hinged doors are mulled or inserted, all glass stays in plane.
With our Window Wall system, vertical structure can be created by utilizing a residential type common mull (as shown), which utilizes a thermoplastic mull clip to connect fixed or operable windows, hinged doors, or patio doors. When (2) fixed windows are common mulled the sightline is only 2" wide.
For those desiring the narrowest sightline possible, our window wall includes a 1-3/8" T-Bar option. The T-bar allows operable or hinged doors to be inserted, resulting in incredibly minimal sightlines with all glass in plane. Optional steel insert pockets add structure and allow for massive sizes.
Steel stiffeners are inserted and installed at our factory when the DP or structural requirements of the job call for it. No notching or anchoring tabs is required. Installation remains the same, and the steel inserts add so much strength they virtually eliminate the need for "structure by others."
They Say
"A 1" sightline and a .32 u-value? This may be the best fixed aluminum window on the market."
Justin Heinrich
- Territory Manager
"I am most proud of our design flexibility in the window wall. 2" common mull or 1-3/8" T-Bar are both available based on dealer or architect preference or job needs."
Dustin Wright
- VP of Design & Engineering
"Our 6" Depth Window Wall with Steel can literally accommodate panel sizes of 96" x 192". Forget structure by others, use us and maximize your view."
Brandi Griffith
- Sales Support Specialist
"The ability to have all glass in plane, even when different products are inserted or mulled, is something architects have desired for a long time. We solved it for them."
Jeff Delay
- Application Development Manager
Finish Color

Anodized (In-Stock)

Our most popular finish color is Black anodized. We use a Class 1 coating thickness for increased durability. before anodization, our material is acid-etched to ensure a clean, matte finish. Since this is the only finish color we stock, our Black Anodized color typically has our shortest lead time.

Powder Coat AAMA 2604 & AAMA 2605

We offer a variety of powder coat finishes from IFS coatings. Their architectural powder coatings are tough, weatherable, environmentally friendly, and meet and exceed a variety of AAMA performance specifications. Awake products can be powder coated to meet AAMA 2604 or 2605 standards, providing you flexibility to select the paint finish that best meets your budget or the performance needs of your project.

Powder Coat Standard Colors

We have worked with architects to pre-select some of the most popular painted colors on the market. These standard colors have a shorter lead time than custom colors and they all can be powder coated to meet AAMA 2604 or 2605 standards.

Antique Bronze
Apollo White
Bone White
Colonial Gray
Fashion Gray
Anodized Silver (Metallic)
Medium Bronze (Metallic)

Powder Coat Custom Colors

If you would like a color different than the standard colors listed above, IFS coatings can color match to almost any custom color of your choosing. Our color matching process is fairly simple and you can work with our dealer to facilitate.


Energy Efficiency

Our dual seal silicone insulated glass units utilize cutting edge LowE technologies to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency. We offer a variety of coatings from industry leaders such as PPG, Guardian, and Cardinal. Insulated glass units are also available with argon gas.

Low-Iron Clarity

For those wanting to truly maximize their view, we offer a variety of low iron glass options such as Starphire from PPG. Low-iron glass typically has a ferric oxide content about ten times less than ordinary plate glass. This low iron content is what provides the glass with exceptional color neutrality and clarity, enabling you to capture your view as clearly as possible.


We offer a variety of laminated glass options which offer improved safety, structural advancement, and sound deadening. Our laminate offerings come in a variety of colors, low-e styles, and interlayer thicknesses.


All of our IG units are available with a warm-edge Ultimate Swisspacer (black color) or a standard stainless steel (black or satin color).

Perimeter Frames

1″ Perimeter Frame with Nail Fin 

Our perimeter frame nail fin option is a unique way to allow our window wall system to include a nail fin for ease of installation and water protection. The nail fin is set back 1” from the exterior.

1.50″ Perimeter Frame with Nail Fin 

Our perimeter frame 1.50″ nail fin option is the right choice when water protection and sightline minimization.

2.00″ Perimeter Frame with Nail Fin 

Our 2.00″ perimeter frame nail fin option will allow you to create uniform sightlines throughout the product family. The nail fin is set back 1″ from the exterior.

High Base 3″ Perimeter Frame with Nail Fin 

Our High Base 3” perimeter frame is a wider frame option designed to provide architects a taller return detail for flooring to die into at the sill. The 3” dimension is an exact match to the sightline of our 905 Series Multi-Slide and 275 Series Patio Door when utilizing our standard sill which allows for perfect alignment on an exterior elevation. The nail fin is set back 1″ from the exterior.

1″ Perimeter Block Frame

Our standard perimeter frame comes with an ultranarrow sightline of only 1”. All glass is pushed to the exterior and aligns in the same plane when mulled to operable windows or outswing hinged doors. The clean design has no stepped stop and instead snaps in at the corner for a straight-line return.

1.50″ Perimeter Block Frame

Our standard perimeter frame comes with a narrow sightline of only 1.50”. All glass is pushed to the exterior and will align with the rest of the product family when either inserting or mulling.

2.00″ Perimeter Block Frame

Our 2.00″ perimeter Block frame will allow you the freedom do design multi-unit configurations with different products, while still being able to achieve a uniform look for all your sightlines.

High Base 3″ Perimeter Block Frame

Our High Base 3” perimeter frame is a wider frame option designed to provide architects a taller return detail for flooring to die into at the sill. The 3” dimension is an exact match to the sightline of our 905 Series Multi-Slide and 275 Series Patio Door when utilizing our standard sill which allows for perfect alignment on an exterior elevation.

Jamb Depths

4.5” Jamb Depth

Our 4.5” jamb depth is our most popular option in our Fixed Window Wall product family. Frames can be ordered with a 1” setback extruded aluminum nail fin which also provides an extra clean finish detail. This frame can also be ordered with a block frame (no nail fin). The frame design includes a pocket for structural steel inserts which provides additional strength and push panels sizes as large as 96” x 168”.

6” Jamb Depth

Our 6” jamb depth was designed for projects that require even larger window wall panels up to 96” x 192” (with structural steel inserts). This frame package comes either with a 1” setback extruded aluminum nail fin or a block frame perimeter with no fin. Fixed window wall sizes can be built so large they eliminate the need for structure by others in many conditions.

Mulling & Inserts

Common Mull

Our fixed window wall was designed with incredible versatility in mind, including the ability to common mull with most of our products (other fixed windows, operable windows, hinged doors, and patio doors). Utilizing a thermoplastic mull clip similar to our strut material, this common mull only has a sightline of 2” when mulled to another fixed window.

1-3/8” T-Bar

When the narrowest sightlines possible are desired, our fixed window wall includes an ultra-narrow 1-3/8” T-bar mull option that draws inspiration from commercial curtain wall designs. Glass can be inserted into the glazing pocket, or we can insert operable windows or hinged doors. When used for vertical structure, the 1-3/8” T-Bar has the exact same sightline as our as the 1-3/8” interlock option that is standard in our patio door and is an option in our multi-slide product. These matching sightlines allow architects to create a perfectly symmetrical exterior elevation across various product families.

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Series 425

The USA locks up more people than any other country.

Our Window Wall products are named the 425 Series to draw attention to the fact that the USA has 4% of the world’s total population but has 25% of the world’s total prison population1. We are locking up more people and for longer duration than countries like Russia or China, and it’s not even close2. This hurts those that are incarcerated, and costs taxpayers over $182 billion a year3. Let’s work together to help combat mass incarceration in the United States of America. A great place to start is creating good jobs for those leaving prison. Learn more about our social mission by clicking the link Mission – Awake Window & Door Co. (