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Does Awake exclusively employ formerly incarcerated individuals?

No. We are a proud second chance employer, but do not exclusively hire formerly incarcerated individuals. Our core team was built out of men and women that have a heart for addressing the issue, though none had ever been incarcerated themselves. Awake partners with local non-profits and halfway houses as part of our recruiting efforts and actively promotes on all job postings that we are a second chance employer. We are a rapidly growing company and will continue to hire formerly incarcerated individuals, young adults aging out of foster care, and any individual that has a heart for working with people of these types of backgrounds.

I love Awake’s social mission for second chance employment, but does that mean I will have formerly incarcerated individuals in my home?

No. Our staff is concentrated primarily to our factory in Gilbert, Arizona. Our product is sold through a dealer network throughout North America (see quoting process section below), and our dealers and their various subcontractors are the actual individuals that will end up on your project. By ordering our product you are helping to create jobs for formerly incarcerated individuals, but they will not be working in and around your property.

Does Awake hire any and all formerly incarcerated individuals?

No. We, like any private business, reserve the right to go through a hiring process and determine if any potential employee is a fit for our culture and our company as a whole. What is different about Awake is that we are a proud second chance employer, meaning we seek out individuals that are often discriminated against for other roles. We will not hire anyone or everyone, simply those we feel are the right fit for our company.

Is Awake a political organization or does it have political leanings in its social mission?

No. We are a non-partisan, social capitalism driven business. Our business is neither democrat nor republican, but instead is focused on combatting the issue of mass incarceration (generally seen as one of the true bi-partisan issues in our country). We want to help our stakeholders be a solution to this complex and expensive problem by creating jobs for the humans effected by the vicious recidivism cycle.

I’m interested in replacing some windows and/or doors in my home, is Awake a good fit?

Yes and no. We get many inquiries from homeowners that love our products and want to incorporate them into their existing homes. We love this and would love to see our product in your home. That said, we do not offer full remove and replace services, nor do most of our dealers. This may require you to find a small remodel contractor in your area who can handle the demo and construction work associated with your remodel. We would love to see our doors in your home, just know we are not the only call you will have to make to see that happen. Please engage a remodel contractor first!

I want to get a quote for windows & doors, what do I do next?

Please visit our contact us page to submit an inquiry. From there, you will be contacted by a representative from Awake who will ask you questions, gather information, and work to connect you with the dealer that is the best fit for your project in your market. That dealer will produce a price for you and guide you through the process.

I want to buy direct from Awake, not a dealer, is that an option?

No. Awake only sells our product through our dealer network. This is actually in your best interest, as our dealers have a local presence, immense product knowledge, and are adept at solving your installation needs. Awake sees our amazing group of dealers as an extension of our business. You will love working with them.

What are the lead times for Awake’s product?

We utilize a capacity based scheduling system for our plant. While we pride ourselves on being a USA-based manufacturer with short lead times, lead times are subject to change based on order entry on any given day. We are a rapidly growing company and lead times can fluctuate. We update lead times daily and consistently communicate those lead times with our dealer network. To understand our most up-to-date lead times, please contact your local dealer.

Do you take credit cards for purchase?

We only sell our product through our dealer network. Some of the dealers in our network offer credit card payment services, while others do not. This question will be answered by one of our expert dealers serving you on your project.

How will my Awake products be delivered to my property?

We work with your dealer to determine the best possible delivery method for your project. In some cases our product delivers to their warehouse for inspection, and they will then deliver and install at your project. In other cases, delivery is brought right to the jobsite. Your dealer will work out these details directly with us and communicate the specific plan to you.

Will Awake be installing my product?

No. We manufacture products out of our factory in Gilbert, Arizona. We then sell and distribute our luxury windows and doors throughout North America using our vast dealer network across the country. Any homeowner, builder, or contractor looking to buy our windows and doors would purchase them through one of our dealers, and that dealer will help you find an installation solution for your project.

What do I do if one of my Awake products needs service?

Please contact the dealer that you purchased the windows and doors from for your project. Your dealer will work with Awake to determine the best course of action to address any service or warranty needs on your project as quickly as possible.

What is the best way to clean my Awake windows and doors? How often should I do it?

Please follow this link to download our extensive Care & Maintenance Guide which provides all the necessary details you will need.

What do I do if have a broken piece of glass?

Please contact the dealer that you purchased the windows and doors from for your project. They will work with us to get the glass replacement you need, and will also help connect you with the right qualified professional to handle the replacement process.

Will Awake’s products work for my climate (extreme hot or extreme cold)?

All of our products have gone through extensive FGIA (air, water, structural) and NFRC (energy performance) testing to ensure they meet the necessary performance standards mandated by the regulatory authorities. All of our products are thermally broken, utilize cutting edge glass technology, are structurally sound, and work well in most non-hurricane impact zones throughout North America. Please follow this link to learn about what to expect from your Awake product in extreme weather.

Are Awake’s products energy efficient?

Absolutely. All of our products are thermally broken using a combination of extruded aluminum and Insulbar strut from Ensinger. Combine the best raw materials with innovative design and the end results are very low energy values across all of our product families. Please contact us and we can connect with you a building envelope energy consultant in your market to assist you in calculating energy tradeoffs and material purchases on your project.

How large can Awake produce windows and doors for my project?

Our product is engineered to be built to massive sizes with extremely minimal sightlines. That said, the ultimate size capabilities are very dependent on the structural or windload needs in your market, combined with which options you have selected across our product offering. Contact us, let us know where your project is and what you are looking for, and we can get this question answered quickly.

What glass options are available in Awake’s products?

We work with several high-quality insulated glass manufacturers in the Southwestern United States. These companies work with leading glass suppliers (PPG, Guardian, Cardinal, etc.), offer two spacers (warm edge and stainless steel), and build glass to massive sizes with exceptional quality. Our dealers will walk you through which glass option is best for you and your project needs.

What finish options are available on the frames of my products?

Awake offers a standard, Class 1, Black Anodized finish that offers the shortest lead times and lowest price. We also offer standard AAMA 2604 and 2605 powder coat finishes that can be viewed in the options section of our proudct pages.

What is the warranty on my product?

Please follow this link to visit our warranty page where you can download and read more about our 10-year warranty on glass and our 10-year warranty on workmanship and materials.

How does Awake compare to other aluminum windows and doors in the market?

There are many outstanding aluminum window and door manufacturers in the market. Awake would hope to earn your business by our combination of minimal sight line frames, low energy values, large sizes, unlimited options, outstanding dealer network, competitive pricing, strong customer service, and important social mission. We are extremely grateful for your business.

How does Awake compare to other minimal frame window and door companies?

There are many outstanding minimal frame window and door companies in the market. However, Awake is one of the few luxury window and door manufacturers making minimal frame aluminum windows and doors that offers products that are designed in and being built in the United States. Working with a domestic company like Awake typically means shorter lead times, more competitive pricing, and the ability to react quickly to the needs of your project.

How do Awake’s aluminum windows compare to wood windows on the market?

Wood or aluminum clad windows and doors are a beautiful fit for many homes. Clients that choose Awake over wood tend to value that our product generally has much narrower sight lines and can be built to much larger sizes, allowing them to maximize their view. They also love that our frames are made from recycled aluminum, painted with environmentally friendly powder coat materials, and that our company is a proud second chance employer.

How do Awake’s aluminum windows compare to steel windows on the market?

Steel windows offer many incredible features that homeowners love. Clients that choose Awake over steel often love our low energy values, minimal frames, massive product sizes, short lead times, and competitive pricing. They also love being a part of combatting mass incarceration and working to reduce recidivism.