CAD Details

We know it is critically important to provide quick access to .DXF and .PDF details of our products for our architect clients looking to incorporate Awake windows and doors into their projects. We have developed a lightning fast process to get those details in your hands. We just need you to follow a few easy steps.

We’ll get .dxf & .pdf details to you quickly and efficiently.

Awake’s product family is rich in product options, including various sills, interlocks, etc. To spare you the pain of navigating through an endless database of infinite product offerings, instead, we collect some key information from you and commit to turn around drawings for you quickly!


Familiarize yourself with our products.

Get to know our product offerings so you understand the vast options and capabilities that exist. Dream big and design away. Awake can most likely build whatever you need.


Determine product option preferences.

Pay close attention to the options that exist across our product offerings (especially sill and track options, interlock options, lockstile options, etc.) Be prepared to clarify your choices.


Have a .pdf of your elevation schedule.

Our team can quickly produce CAD details for you if you can provide an elevation schedule (with drawings and configurations) that guides them for your needs. We need this attachment.

Please email and attach your elevation schedule. Please provide a brief description (to the best of your ability) of the options you are interested in.


Respond quickly to any clarifying questions.

Our team will review your email and attachment and circle back with any clarifying questions. Please respond as quickly as possible to ensure we can email you your details asap.