Awake is extremely selective in choosing which dealers we partner with in any given market. Unmatched product knowledge, estimating expertise, installation solutions, and outstanding customer service are a must. Our dealers are our most important partners. We trust them, and they trust us.


A partnership rooted in expertise.

Our leadership team at Awake has spent most of our careers in the window & door industry. We’ve worked on the dealer side, and we’ve helped grow a manufacturer over $100M in revenue. If we’ve learned anything, its that success in the luxury residential market all comes down to choosing the right dealer partners. We want window and door experts. We say “no” to way more dealer relationships than we say “yes” to. If you are the best of the best in your market, we want to work with you. Let’s form a partnership, make a difference, and wow the market with our innovative solutions to complex problems.

The Plan

Interested in becoming a dealer of Awake?

If you are interested in selling our product, please follow these (4) steps to explore a partnership.

Discover Our Products

Please click here to visit our Product page. Awake is a luxury manufacturer that is a viable alternative to any of the high-end aluminum window & door products in the market. As you analyze our array of offerings and options, analyze where we fit in your line card and who we can replace.

Contact Us

Please click here to visit our Contact Us page. Every dealer inquiry is evaluated by our entire executive team. We are very selective in who we set up and who we partner with in each market. We want exceptional partners only. If you are interested, please contact us so we can begin a conversation.

Outfit Your Showroom

Awake’s product family is best seen in person. The narrow sightlines, size capabilities, and numerous product options are a fantastic addition to any showroom. Let us partner with you to design the perfect product combination for your unique location. We can’t wait to send clients to visit your space.

Architectural Blitz

Awake has a dedicated team of outside sales representatives that work directly for our company. They are actively calling on architects in your market, driving demand, getting specified, and handing off leads. Architects are excited to learn about Awake. Lets share the story, together.

They Say
"I am in awe of the business acumen and expertise our dealers bring to the market. Their knowledge and relationships are second to none."
Brandi Griffith
- Sales Support Specialist
"I feel incredibly privileged that many of our dealer partners are some of my closest friends. We've known each other a long time and trust is so high."
Scott Gates
"We're sending out products that our dealers are proud to back... that's the main reason Awake will be successful."
Melchor Ordaz
- Production Manager
"We feel good that we say "no" to many dealer inquiries. We want our customer experience to be near perfect. Only the best dealers can help us achieve that goal."
John Engelstad
Contact us to let us know how we can work together with you on your project and help maximize your view.
Visit our CAD Details page to learn how we can quickly get you the .dxf details you need to incorporate them into your plans.
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Visit our news page to learn about the latest news as it relates to our products, our customers, and our important social mission.
Download our care & maintenance guide to ensure your windows and doors last a long time and your warranty is protected.
Visit our FAQ page to see answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our business, our products, and our mission.

A partnership rooted
in a deeper purpose.

Our dealer partners love our window and door products, but many of them love our social mission even more. As we started our company and met with our best dealers to help design our products and explain the business model, we were overwhelmed by their passion for our cause. THANK YOU!