We work to
solve your

Finding innovative solutions that excite you is the vision of our company.

Our goal is always to excite stakeholders by creating innovative solutions to complex problems. We live to make the lives of architects, builders, homeowners, and dealers better by actively solving challenges they are facing. Whether it’s reducing sightlines to capture more view, designing automated shop drawing solutions, drastically reducing lead times, or having outstanding communication and customer service…if our customers desire it we want to solve it. Why? Because if we actively solve their problems, they help us combat the problem of recidivism and mass incarceration. Its a win/win.

We believe that architects are our most important customers. Whether it’s designing a beautiful outdoor entertainment space, a massive glass facade, or an environmentally conscious building envelope, we love helping design firms realize their vision. If you can you dream it we try to build it.
Selecting a window company is a big decision. Awake is thrilled to partner with homeowners that want to love their windows and doors while enjoying all the benefits of indoor outdoor living. We want to help you maximize your view, while also connecting you with the perfect dealer in your market.
Most builders and general contractors have stories of frustrations when it comes to window and door selection. We want to redefine your experience. At Awake, innovation is about more than product. It's about communication, quality, on-time delivery, and planning to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Awake is extremely selective in which dealers we choose to partner with in any given market. Unmatched product knowledge, estimating expertise, installation solutions, and outstanding customer service are a must. Our dealers are our most important partners. We trust them, and they trust us.