Patio Door

Series 275

Our 275 Series Patio Door is designed to emulate our multi-slide door (narrow sightlines, groundbreaking rolling system, hidden handle) but at a more economical price. Available with multiple sills, 1-3/8″ sightlines, and gliding open with ease, this is one of the highest quality patio doors available.

Patio Door

Our 275 Series Patio Door was designed to give the option to save money relative to our luxury multi-slide door system. It’s 1-3/8″ sightline at the interlock is an exact match to our multi-slide and T-Bar Window Wall, and it’s standard sill option allows builders to flush out interior flooring.


    Our NFRC test size Patio Door has a low u-value of .32 (Low E3 w/ argon).
    Our Patio Door has a max size of 240″ x 120″ in the OXXO condition (5′ x 10′ panels).
  • 4.5″ JAMB DEPTH
    The narrow jamb can be common mulled to most of our products and comes standard with an extruded sliding screen.
Awake's Patio Doors are the perfect addition to any high-end project. With their beautiful design, energy efficiency, minimal sightlines, and maximums view these doors offer the best of all worlds. So why wait? Transform your home today with Awake Patio Doors!
This cross section of our Patio Door panels and frame showcases the innovative strut technology, classic boot glazing, 1-3/4" water leg sill, and our exterior screen. The sightline from the bottom of the sill to top of the bottom rail is only 3", which matches our multi-slide and window wall products.
This top/down section view showcases a bi-part condition for the Patio Door. Like the multi-slide, the handle is part of the extrusion for a clean look. The sightline at the bi-part condition is only 3-1/4", and the sightline at the interlock condition is only 1-3/8", matching the T-bar window wall.
Dealers and architects have consistently requested a standard 3/4" tall sill without a water leg on a Patio Door. This enables customers to utilize a Patio Door in one room, a Multi-Slide in another, but still have flooring return conditions match.
"A value engineered Patio Door is something our European competitors do not offer. We felt it critical to provide this elegant, cost competitive solution to our dealers."
Scott Gates
"On an exterior elevation, an architect can use our patio door, multi-slide, and T-bar window wall, and have all verticals have a 1-3/8" sightline and match perfectly."
John Engelstad
"We wanted our Patio Door to be rich in features like our Multi-Slide, which is why the door gets the same luxury rollers and locking system."
Dustin Wright
- VP of Design & Engineering
"This door glides open with such ease that it screams luxury product."
Michael Burgard
- Territory Manager
Finish Color

Anodized (In-Stock)

Our most popular finish color is Black anodized. We use a Class 1 coating thickness for increased durability. before anodization, our material is acid-etched to ensure a clean, matte finish. Since this is the only finish color we stock, our Black Anodized color typically has our shortest lead time.

Powder Coat AAMA 2604 & AAMA 2605

We offer a variety of powder coat finishes from IFS coatings. Their architectural powder coatings are tough, weatherable, environmentally friendly, and meet and exceed a variety of AAMA performance specifications. Awake products can be powder coated to meet AAMA 2604 or 2605 standards, providing you flexibility to select the paint finish that best meets your budget or the performance needs of your project.

Powder Coat Standard Colors

We have worked with architects to pre-select some of the most popular painted colors on the market. These standard colors have a shorter lead time than custom colors and they all can be powder coated to meet AAMA 2604 or 2605 standards.

Antique Bronze
Apollo White
Bone White
Colonial Gray
Fashion Gray
Anodized Silver (Metallic)
Medium Bronze (Metallic)

Powder Coat Custom Colors

If you would like a color different than the standard colors listed above, IFS coatings can color match to almost any custom color of your choosing. Our color matching process is fairly simple and you can work with our dealer to facilitate.


Energy Efficiency

Our dual seal silicone insulated glass units utilize cutting edge LowE technologies to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency. We offer a variety of coatings from industry leaders such as PPG, Guardian, and Cardinal. Insulated glass units are also available with argon gas.

Low-Iron Clarity

For those wanting to truly maximize their view, we offer a variety of low iron glass options such as Starphire from PPG. Low-iron glass typically has a ferric oxide content about ten times less than ordinary plate glass. This low iron content is what provides the glass with exceptional color neutrality and clarity, enabling you to capture your view as clearly as possible.


We offer a variety of laminated glass options which offer improved safety, structural advancement, and sound deadening. Our laminate offerings come in a variety of colors, low-e styles, and interlayer thicknesses.


All of our IG units are available with a warm-edge Ultimate Swisspacer (black color) or a standard stainless steel (black or satin color).


Standard Lock

In order to maximize your view, our 275 series patio door eliminates the need for a traditional handle. To achieve this, we designed the pull bar into the lock stile extrusion. Our Standard Lock is a clean, squared block machined out of billet aluminum. Simply slide the block up to unlock, and down to engage the heavy duty lock. The Standard Lock is finished to match the exterior finish color (black anodized or selected powder coat) you selected for your windows and doors.


Standard Sill

The standard sill on the patio door is a great choice when your desire is to flush out your flooring to the height of the track. The ¾” tall height is an exact match to the height of our standard multi-slide door sill and works well with most flooring conditions. While this sill does include weeps, weatherstripping, and an extruded leg that penetrates the sill, it is not rated against water penetration.

Water Leg Sill

The water leg sill is the perfect choice for our patio door sill when you are in a tougher climate with harsher rain conditions, or if you are focused on protecting your interior finish floor (i.e. custom hardwood). The 1-3/4” interior leg and weeping system help protect against water intrusion.

Mulling & Inserts

Common Mull

In most instances, our Patio Door can common mull (utilizing our custom mull clip) to other patio doors, operable windows, fixed window walls, or hinged doors. In this image, a patio door is common mulled to our fixed window.


Our 275 series patio door systems include a standard track for an extruded aluminum screen on the exterior of the product. This rigid screen is a great way to allow a fresh breeze into your home while keeping unwanted insects out. The screen frame is always finished to match the exterior finish color of your windows and doors. To make sure your view is as unobstructed as possible, our screens utilize the “nearly invisible” UltraVue screen mesh with excellent visibility (eVis).


There are many high-qualified sliding door automation systems in the market. Awake worked with most of these companies to ensure our designs and head tracks would work well with their systems and allow the panels to be motor operated if they so desired. These motors are sold separately but can be purchased from various suppliers and manufacturers throughout the country.

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Series 275

Unemployment is the greatest contributor to recidivism.

Our Patio Door products are named the 275 Series to draw attention to the fact that in 2008 when the federal unemployment rate was 5%, the unemployment rate for formerly incarcerated individuals was 27%1. While surviving prison and the extremely long sentence lengths in the USA is hard enough, getting a good job when leaving prison is often the most difficult part of successfully re-entering society. Awake Window & Door Co., with your help, is creating jobs and providing meaningful second chance employment to break this recidivism cycle.