Casement &
Awning Window

Series 105

Our 105 Series Casement & Awning are some of the most energy efficient aluminum windows on the market. The 2″ sightline and squared-off stop design are focused on guiding your eye towards your view. Hidden hinges, large sizes, and contemporary hardware make it a favorite of designers and architects.

Casement & Awnings

Our 105 Series Casements and Awnings had a few clear objectives: be extremely energy efficient, be capable of large sizes, integrate and mull across most of our product offerings, have glass in the same plane as our other products, have clean fit and finish, and have ultra-narrow sightlines.

    Our NFRC test size casement & awning have a low u-value of .36 (LowE3 w/ argon).
    Our casement has a max size of 42″ x 96″, while the awning can be built 72″ x 48″.
  • 4.5″ JAMB DEPTH
    The narrow jamb can be common mulled to most of our products or inserted into our window wall, and pushes all glass in plane with our other products.
The 105 series casement is designed with a squared off stop, contemporary hardware, and ultra narrow sightlines. When common mulled to our fixed window, the sightline is only 3".
This top/down section view showcases a casement common mulled to a fixed window. The innovative thermoplastic mull clip connects the product together, but when mulled, the overall sightline is only 3". Rather than stepped stops or glazing legs, the squared-off look emulated interlocks and window wall.
This top/down section shows an operable casement inserted into our 1-3/8" T-Bar Window Wall product. This innovative mull bar allows architects to insert operable windows into large glass facades, but only have a 3-1/8" sightline at the mull condition. Also note how the glass is in the same plane.
To make sure your view is as unobstructed as possible, our screens utilize the “nearly invisible” UltraVue screen mesh with excellent visibility (eVis). The extruded frame is also designed to be as narrow as possible.
They Say
"Operable aluminum windows almost always have chunky sightlines and poor energy values. Our architectural clients challenged us to give them a solution. We did."
Andrew Darr
"The mitered sash and frame design makes the product much easier to manufacture. This helps ensure incredible quality."
Andrew Poet
- Senior Engineer
"Many casements on the market have ugly, unsightly butt hinges. For a minimal frame product like ours, this was unacceptable, so we designed a solution."
Dustin Wright
- VP of Design & Engineering
"A 3" sightline on the insert mull with the window wall product. Are you kidding me!?!"
Shay Favors
- Territory Manager
Finish Color

Anodized (In-Stock)

Our most popular finish color is Black anodized. We use a Class 1 coating thickness for increased durability. Our anodized material also has an Acid Etch coating which gives a clean, matte finish. Since this is the only finish color we stock, our Black Anodized color typically has our shortest lead time.

Powder Coat AAMA 2604 & AAMA 2605

We offer a variety of powder coat finishes from IFS coatings. Their architectural powder coatings are tough, weatherable, environmentally friendly, and meet and exceed a variety of AAMA performance specifications. Awake products can be powder coated to meet AAMA 2604 or 2605 standards, providing you flexibility to select the paint finish that best meets your budget or the performance needs of your project.

Powder Coat Standard Colors

We have worked with architects to pre-select some of the most popular painted colors on the market. These standard colors have a shorter lead time than custom colors and they all can be powder coated to meet AAMA 2604 or 2605 standards.

Antique Bronze
Apollo White
Bone White
Colonial Gray
Fashion Gray
Anodized Silver (Metallic)
Medium Bronze (Metallic)

Powder Coat Custom Colors

If you would like a color different than the standard colors listed above, IFS coatings can color match to almost any custom color of your choosing. Our color matching process is fairly simple and you can work with our dealer to facilitate.


Energy Efficiency

Our dual seal silicone insulated glass units utilize cutting edge LowE technologies to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency. We offer a variety of coatings from industry leaders such as PPG, Guardian, and Cardinal. Insulated glass units are also available with argon gas.

Low-Iron Clarity

For those wanting to truly maximize their view, we offer a variety of low iron glass options such as Starphire from PPG. Low-iron glass typically has a ferric oxide content about ten times less than ordinary plate glass. This low iron content is what provides the glass with exceptional color neutrality and clarity, enabling you to capture your view as clearly as possible.


We offer a variety of laminated glass options which offer improved safety, structural advancement, and sound deadening. Our laminate offerings come in a variety of colors, low-e styles, and interlayer thicknesses.


All of our IG units are available with a warm-edge Ultimate Swisspacer (black color) or a standard stainless steel (black or satin color).


Crank Out Handle

All of Awake’s hardware choices are selected for their high-quality materials and modern design aesthetic. Our contemporary crank handle is always finished to match the exterior powder coat paint color you selected for your windows and doors. If you choose a Black anodized finish, the crank handle and cover will be a painted Black finish, not anodized.

Multi-Point Sash Lock

Our multi-point sash lock and custom designed keeper system is designed to pull your large casement windows tight and secure when the sash is closed. The sash lock is always finished to match the exterior powder coat paint color you selected for your windows and doors. If you choose a Black anodized finish, the crank handle and cover will be a painted Black finish, not anodized.

Zero Push Out Handle

Like all Awake hardware, our Zero Push Out Handle is designed to disappear from your eye. Push a button, and the handle pops out for ease of use. When you pull the window back into place, you simply push the handle back in place and out of view. The Zero Push Out Handle is always finished to match the exterior powder coat paint color you selected for your windows and doors. If you choose a Black anodized finish, the Zero Push Out Handle will be black anodized finish.

Mulling & Inserts

Common Mull

In most instances, our operable windows can common mull (utilizing our custom mull clip) to other operable windows, fixed window walls, hinged doors, and patio doors. This installation method allows customers to factory glaze as many of their mulled products as possible while still keeping sightlines narrow and installation easy.

T-Bar with Casement Insert

When a customer desires the narrowest sightlines possible, we have designed our 1-3/8” T-Bar product within our fixed window wall family. The 105 series operable windows can be inserted into this t-bar, resulting in a vertical or horizontal sightline of only 3”.


Our 105 series operable windows are design to be opened and guide a fresh breeze into your home while keeping unwanted insects out. Our extruded aluminum screens are designed to achieve that goal. The screen frame is always finished to match the exterior finish color of your windows and doors. To make sure your view is as unobstructed as possible, our screens utilize the “nearly invisble” UltraVue screen mesh with excellent visibility (eVis).


Our casement and awnings work well with Truth’s Sentry motor if you desire electric motor operated opening and closing. These motors are sold separately but can easily be purchased from various suppliers throughout the country.

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Series 105

Is prison really the right solution for a drug problem?

Our operable window products are named the 105 Series to draw attention to the fact that 1 in 5 people currently in prison are locked up for a non-violent drug offense1. Sadly, many of these individuals are incarcerated for marijuana use, which is now legal in (15) states (and counting). While many need rehab or modern lawmaking, the reality is hundreds of thousands of people are locked up every day in the USA for non-violent drug use. When they leave prison, their criminal record makes it difficult to gain meaningful employment. With your help, we can change that reality for some. To learning more about our social mission click the link Mission – Awake Window & Door Co. (