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Our groundbreaking door and window systems are designed with minimal frames to maximize your view.



Complex problems require innovative solutions.

Awake is a U.S.A. based manufacturer focused on creating innovative solutions to complex problems. Whether we are engineering door panels that can be built 16′ wide x 16′ tall, reducing sightlines to only 3/4″ wide, cutting lead times, simplifying installation and manufacturing processes to improve quality, or creating automated shop drawing solutions, Awake is fully committed to rejecting the complacency that is often found in our industry. Just because a problem is hard to solve, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

One such problem in the USA is the issue of mass incarceration. Our country has 4% of the world’s population, but 25% of its prison population1. Sadly, 50% of those formerly incarcerated end up back in prison within 5 years of leaving2. Awake is building an employment base out of this group of vulnerable people. We believe these men and women are capable of so much more, including building the best window and door products in the market. Together, with you, we’ll create careers, break cycles of poverty, and help give a meaningful second chance to those who need it most.


01. Architects

We believe that architects are our most important customers. Whether it’s designing a beautiful outdoor entertainment space, a massive glass facade, or an environmentally conscious building envelope, we love helping design firms realize their vision.

02. Builders

Our builder clients are constantly pushing us to pursue the highest levels of quality and on-time delivery. They chase perfection in their homes, their budgets, and their schedule, and we do all we can to help them achieve that goal.

03. Homeowners

Selecting a window company is a big decision. Awake is thrilled to partner with homeowners that want to enjoy outdoor living and love their windows and doors. We’ll help you maximize your view and connect you with the right dealer in your market.

Our window and door products were designed with consistency in mind. 1-3/8" sightlines can be matched in window wall verticals and all sliding door interlocks. Innovative steel insert pockets enable structural ratings and width and height combinations rarely offered in our industry before.
Our 905 Series Multi-Slide Door is a breakthrough innovation in indoor/outdoor living solutions. Interlockers as narrow as 3/4" keep your view nearly unobstructed. Our innovative rolling system and PTFE bulb seals allow massive panels to glide open with ease so you can entertain and enjoy the outdoors.
Our 275 Series Patio Door is designed to emulate our multi-slide (narrow sightlines, groundbreaking rolling system, hidden handle) but at a more economical price. Available with multiple sills, 1-3/8" sightlines, and gliding open with ease, this is one of the highest quality patio doors available.
Our 505 Series Hinged Door is expertly designed to achieve high water and structure ratings, while maximizing glass size and thinning out sight lines. Water-rated inswing doors, 12' heights, cutting-edge multi-point locks, and a highly engineered design that inserts seamlessly with our window wall.
Our 105 Series Casement & Awnings are some of the most energy efficient aluminum windows on the market. The minimal sightlines and contemporary stop design are focused on guiding your eye towards your view. Hidden hinges, large sizes, and contemporary hardware make it a fantastic choice.
Inspired by the structural integrity of commercial curtain wall, but with the refinement and energy efficiency required for luxury residential. Our 425 Series Window Wall system puts all glass in the same plane, removes unsightly stops and weeps, and has sightlines as narrow as 1-3/8".
Our 555 Series Pivot Door is the perfect combination of form and function, with a myriad of innovative design features such as Concealed Overhead Closer, Magnetic Catch and the industry’s only unrestricted pivot point assembly. Our Pivot Door features will allow you the highest level of customization the industry can offer.
The 965 series Gas strut Awning is a versatile and stylish addition to Awake’s already robust product line. With options such as the zero-pull handle, continuous hinge, sizes as large as 48x108, and a zero-sill option that's perfect for creating the bar top look everyone wants. Incorporating the gas strut into the awning allows for a unique design feature while creating a functional space for you to entertain or simply enjoy the view.
Your view. It's what you invested in when you picked your lot, designed your backyard, and chose your home. This is why our products are painstakingly designed to disappear. Smaller sightlines, clean aesthetic, and low iron glass options ensure your view is captured perfectly.
The issue of mass incarceration and the high rate of recidivism that it produces is one of the most urgent civil rights issues of our time. Through your partnership with Awake Window & Door Co., you are helping to put formerly incarcerated men and women back to work and break the prison pipeline.

Awake is ready to take your order.

Our full family of minimal frame window and door products is now available for order. Please contact us to let us know how we can help maximize your view.

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