Vertex House

This sunlit family home outside of Dallas features custom glass panels for views between and through spaces.



Lake Highlands, TX


Michael Gooden | Architect & Designer


Window Wall
Operable Windows
Patio Doors
Multi-Slide Doors

Project Highlights:

Custom systems to create continuous horizontal lines


Built on a pie-shaped lot, we partnered with Michael Gooden to incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows throughout this 1960’s ranch-inspired home.

After falling in love with the Lake Highlands neighborhood, Michael and his family decided to knock down their ranch to build what would become their forever home. When we began working together, we loved the intention to pay homage to their old home with a split-level design. His ambitious plan required continuous windows to welcome in the sun from all angles.
The architecture was crafted to make the shape of the property its most valuable asset. In collaboration with Michael, we crafted custom window systems that invite the external design inward, and vice versa.


Maximum views between and through spaces

To achieve Michael’s vision, we created solutions that maintain continuous, minimal, vertical lines across the home’s facade. We stepped outside of our product catalog to invent various profiles that showcase the open floor plan, outdoor living space, and surrounding landscape.

Expansive systems that look just as great as they function

Large glass panels were a core feature of this project. We collaborated with Michael to create custom systems that:

  • Minimize obstructions to craft a cohesive indoor and outdoor experience
  • Glide with ease so the entire family can safely open and close them
  • Achieve a transparent aesthetic that doesn’t sacrifice security

A collaborative and all-embracing experience

Looking back at our time working together, Michael shared what stood out most about partnering with our team:

  • He felt understood and trusted his vision was in great heads
  • He appreciated how challenges were met with a solutions-based, open mind
  • He loved our commitment to innovation to create the best possible outcome

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