Transparent Dream

Experience panoramic canyon views in this California home designed to seamlessly welcome the outside in.



San Diego, CA


Matthew Segal | Architect & Designer


Window Wall
Operable Windows
Multi-Slide Doors

Project Highlights:

Floor-to-ceiling transparency to feature canyon views


In a project where customization was paramount, we welcomed the opportunity to collaborate and personalize products to bring Matthew Segal’s vision to life.

When our team was introduced to Matthew, his goal for this property was clear and distinct. The home was to be integrated with the canyon (or even secondary to it) to maximize the views from every angle. Our minimal frames were a great fit for Matthew’s desire for transparency. We crafted a bottom rail design system in our multi-slide so that fixed and butt glaze windows could be integrated so that breaks in the indoor/outdoor transitions would be few and far between. The minimalist aesthetic also required meticulous attention to detail to ensure every door and window was weather-resistant. While other contractors would have needed at least two years to create custom solutions and complete this project, we expedited our design process so that Matthew was able to finish this home in just 11 months.

Awake Window and Door Matthew Testimonial V2 : Andrew woods

Welcoming the outside inside

As you enter and explore this home, you can hardly tell where the sliding doors start and stop, which makes the sweeping views feel integrated into the living space.

Matthew is proud to have accomplished this clean, simple aesthetic with products designed here in the USA.

Our thoughtful & seamless collaborative process

For this project, Matthew needed an innovative partner to offer solutions and create options as needed.

Here’s an idea of how our work together unfolded:

  • We met regularly to ensure we were up to date on the architectural plans and progress
  • We thoughtfully outlined the pockets and details of the sliders
  • We created custom system designs to incorporate fixed and butt glaze glass into our multi-slide system
  • We sampled the custom systems for Matthew to provide feedback, ensuring the final samples were exactly right

Where premium aesthetic meets unmatched quality

Looking back at our time working together, Matthew shared what stood out most about partnering with our team:

  • He was confident we understood the innovation needed to execute his vision
  • He loved the product’s beautiful design and functionality
  • He felt like a priority client throughout the entire experience

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