The New American Home (Byron Bay)

Situated in a luxury community in the heart of Las Vegas, this expansive home wows passers-by with its refined architecture and statement windows.



Las Vegas, NV


Kevin Bryan | Architect & Designer


Window Wall
Multi-Slide Doors
Hinged Doors

Project Highlights:

Window systems for seamless indoor/outdoor transitions


With a commitment to excellence in execution, sustainability, and design details, Michael Gardner designed a home that sets a new standard for innovation and efficiency.

Architect Michael Gardner and his talented team work tirelessly from concept to execution to craft this home which seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Michael is proud to share that this home is one of the most energy-efficient in the state of Nevada.

Awake’s windows are a standout feature, enhancing the sweeping views and offering an organic connection with nature. Despite the tight turnaround of this project, Michael and his team achieved meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a thoughtfully developed and fully integrated home that balances form, function, and design.


Understated elegance achieved through clean & refined design products

Intentionality is a throughline for the design of this home. Micheal set the goal of seamlessly integrating every creative & functional element.

Awake’s products were key to achieving the visibility that he envisioned. The unobstructed panels provide clear views of the nature surrounding the property and the outdoor features of the home.

Seamlessly crafted window systems that create sweeping views in every direction

Michael wanted window panels that were just as functional as they were beautiful. Inspired by his design goals, we created custom systems with frames that had:

  • A ¾ inch profile to minimize any obstruction to views
  • Duel operability to slide seamlessly in both directions
  • Train rollers for seamless installation and effortless functionality

Products that transformed 2-D sketches into a fully realized home of the future

For Michael, industry-leading innovation is key—but the products are key to bringing the ideation to life.  He shared what stood out most about partnering with our team:

  • Our all-hands-on-deck approach to crafting and installing products
  • Our holistic product where functionality isn’t sacrificed for aesthetic
  • An attention to detail that matches his standard for excellence & efficiency

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