Pine Haven

Located in the greater Lake Tahoe area, this home is a sanctuary amidst expansive nature and sweeping mountains.



Clearcreek, CA


Kevin Bryan | Architect & Designer


Window Wall
Operable Windows
Multi-Slide Doors
Hinged Doors
Pivot Doors

Project Highlights:

Multiple window panels that appear as one


Aiming for maximum visual impact, we partnered with Kevin Bryan to customize systems that accentuated the breathtaking nature surrounding this property.

When he approached us with this project, Kevin was searching for innovative solutions. We became the partner who was prepared to provide a range of options and minimal frame products that met his visionary design. We worked tirelessly to ensure two frames appeared as one so that the panoramic views were unobstructed. The custom window design highlights the sky-high ceilings and wide-open living space while welcoming the mountain views into the interior of the home.


Eliminating visual barriers inside and out

The collective goal was to ensure the internal and external views were clear from every vantage point.
Our expert team crafted and executed window and door systems that maximized the property’s value and aesthetic appeal. 

Seamless views underscore a scenic landscape

This home’s expansive views and exposure to a nearby golf course were featured by our efforts to:

  • Vanish the appearance of doors to bring the outside in
  • Create a continuous flow between multiple window frames
  • Cultivate an all-embracing experience from every point of view

A team of innovators who understand what architects are looking for

Looking back at our time working together, Kevin shared what stood out most about partnering with our team:

  • He loved how the design plan was embraced and made a top priority in crafting solutions
  • He appreciated our full investment in the aesthetic and functionality of the products
  • He felt supported by our thoughtful communication and can-do attitude

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