Lost Canyon

Enveloped by majestic mountain views, this Lost Canyon home was designed to be an expansive and modern oasis surrounded by a sweeping landscape.



Scottsdale, AZ


Beau Graffin | Architect & Designer
Black Stone Custom Homes | Builder


Window Wall
Multi-Slide Doors
Hinged Doors
Patio Doors

Project Highlights:

Window panels that slide with ease


With the aligned mission to embrace glorious mountain views, we partnered with Beau Griffin to customize window systems that maximize visibility for this vast property just outside of Scottsdale, AZ.

We were excited to collaborate with Beau to create the window walls and multi-slides his design plans required. It was our first time working together, but we quickly aligned on the vision for this project. Of course, we wanted to implement expansive panels for maximum visibility, but we also wanted to ensure the sliding units opened and closed effortlessly. The custom window design pairs beautifully with the earth tones of the home and the brick accents on the exterior. The finished product created an expensive experience the homeowners are absolutely thrilled with.


A nature-inspired backdrop for laid-back living

When you live somewhere with wonderful weather 80% of the year, you want to take advantage of it. Beau designed a plan featuring window panels with minimal obstruction for seamless transitions between inside and out.

Cultivating an earthly aesthetic & lifestyle

With clear design goals in mind, Beau needed a window and door partner who understood how to complement his style of architecture.

We collaborated to:

  • Quickly turn around high-quality windows and frames
  • Thoughtfully choose panels without obstructions to accentuate the structural design 
  • Install sliders to make opening and closing the panels almost effortless

Innovative craftsmanship without barriers

Looking back at our time working together, Beau shared what stood out most about partnering with our team:

  • He appreciated how swiftly we could adapt the product to his design goals
  • He loved the product’s modern aesthetic and high-quality function
  • He enjoyed collaborating with a trustworthy team that exceeded his high standard of expectations

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