Funky Drummer

Tucked away on a tree-covered hillside, this San Rafael home offers a stunning escape just 30 minutes outside San Francisco.



San Rafael, CA


Mason Kirby | Architect & Designer
Nima Construction Company | Builder


Window Walls
Operable Windows
Multi-Slide Doors
Hinged Doors

Project Highlights:

Window systems that illuminate the interior of the home


We collaborated with architect Mason Kirby and his contractor to bring to life this modern and structurally distinct design.

Mason’s primary goal was to incorporate this lot’s tranquil environment into the home’s architecture. He named this project Funky Drummer – which is a drum beat originally made famous by James Brown – as a nod to the rhythmic design style. The wrapping decks and floor-to-ceiling windows work harmoniously to create seamless transitions between outside and in—inviting the homeowners to live in tandem with the peaceful landscape surrounding them.


A connection to nature just minutes from a vibrant city

The San Rafael area is attractive to anyone who wants quick access to San Francisco without living a city-centered lifestyle. Mason designed this property to feature the tree-covered landscape and the beautiful valley views of the Marin County Civic Center.

Window systems crafted to add breath into the structure of the home

Mason was focused on creating window systems that complimented the pattern of the architecture. Inspired by his design goals, we created custom systems that:

  • Provide premium access to the outdoors
  • Strategically disperse the presence of daylight throughout the home
  • Utilize small frames for minimal obstruction

An organic collaboration and uncompromised vision

Mason was connected to our team through his contractor, and he’s excited to have access to Awake for future projects. He shared what stood out most about partnering with our team:

  • He was thrilled that the windows & frames matched his drawings
  • He appreciated the tidy execution of the windows meeting the walls
  • He loved that the frames were small enough to complement his design pattern

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