Product Improvements: New Black Pile Weatherstrip for our Series 105 Casements & Awnings old

News Article By Awake Window and Door.
December 6, 2022

Black Pile

When we launched our Series 105 Casement and Awning products to the market, customers were thrilled with the minimal 2” sightline. They also loved the contemporary, squared roto hardware, and the sleek, hidden push-out hardware. Architects loved that our innovative strut design on the sash drove energy values crazy low for an aluminum casement. Many also complimented the elimination of surface mounted hinges, making the product clean and worthy of our mantra, “Less us. More view.”  

What customers didn’t love was the flap weatherstrip we selected to be inserted into the groove on the outer edge of the sash.  

True to our commitment to quality at Awake, we moved quickly to improve the product with a more visually appealing solution. In lieu of the black rubber flap that we used to insert on our sash, we have switched to a black pile weatherstrip that serves the same purpose (reducing airflow and helping energy values), but does so in a much more subtle and aesthetically pleasing fashion. 

Our promise to you is that we will continue to innovate and improve our products in rapid succession to continue to deliver you the solutions that you need. Additionally, we expect this transition to be completed early first quarter 2023 and we know you will love the new look of our enhanced casement as much as we do!

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