Enhancements to the Multi-Point Lock

June 12, 2023

We are thrilled to announce an enhancement in the multi-point lock we use in our 505 Series Hinged Door products. While our previous lock system was innovative, it simply did not achieve the performance, ease of operation, and high-quality visual aesthetic that customers had come to expect from all Awake products. We began the search for an alternative multi-point, and we are thrilled with our new solution.

Starting in mid-June 2023, all 505 Series Hinged Doors shipped from Awake will include our new Poseidon lock. Here are some of the features that make this new lock so desirable:

  • Improved aesthetics by allowing for a smaller, stainless steel strike plate.
  • Enhanced security as the single hook design of our old lock has been replaced by a “three hook latch” that is standard in the Poseidon.
  • Simplified service procedures as you now have the ability to replace individual components without replacing the entire lock body.
  • Much smoother operation when lifting the handle to engage the multi-point.



Other Impacts of the changeover to be prepared for:

  • Handle Height will change slightly, moving to a slightly higher location.
  • The babysitter lock feature is no longer available (i.e., the deadbolt cannot be thrown without engaging the multipoint lock)

Support for existing doors with the original design

  • Any service issues with doors using the current supplier (Yale) will continue to be supported through servicing the original design.



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