Communication Needs

December 6, 2022

As our company has grown this year, many new processes have been developed and a great number of new team members have come on board to assume responsibility for various facets of our business. We wanted to use this newsletter to help give you clarity on who to contact when you have questions regarding various parts of the order process. While not all encompassing, this list identifies the items customers tend to need the most. 

Quoting & Dealer Connections 

  1. General email address: 
  2. General phone number: 833-292-5393 (general sales mailbox) 
  3. We have a group of inside and outside sales staff focused on various markets throughout the country. These reps are currently tasked with creating quotes for our dealers internally until we launch our quoting tool in early 2023. They are also tasked with working with homeowners, architects, and builders to connect them to the best possible dealer in their market.  

Points of Contact for Various Markets: 

Arizona and Nevada: Justin Heinrich


Cell: 928-864-9144 

Texas and Oklahoma: Shay Favors 


Cell: 512-468-9309 

All Other Markets: Andrew Darr 


Cell: 480-216-6417 

Shipping & Backorders 

  1. General email address:  
  2. General phone number: 602-859-1788 
  3. Shipping is your primary contact regarding pending ship dates or scheduling delivery specifics as your order nears completion in manufacturing. They can verify dates, help coordinate trucks, track backorders, and provide arrival windows for product delivery.  
  4. Here is the most detailed point of contact for shipping related questions: 

Shipping Clerk: Mikey Munoz 


Cell: 480-294-9791 

Service & Installation 

  1. General email address: 
  2. General phone number: 602-563-6867 
  3. Service is your primary contact when you have questions as it relates to service on your shipped order. Missing parts, damaged parts, poor operation, mis-manufactured items can all happen. When it does, please contact our service team. Service is also an outstanding resource as it relates to installation questions. That said, you can also find installation instructions on our website here:  
  4. Here is the most detailed point of contact for service-related questions: 

Service Technician: Luis Uribe 


Cell: 480-381-8674 

General Inquiry 

  1. General email address: 
  2. General phone number: 833-292-5993 
  3. If you have any other general questions, please feel free to call our general mailbox or send an email to the address listed above. We can get you connected to the right department within our company and get your needs taken care of right away.