Awake WDC launches innovative new Pivot Door to its growing product family.

December 6, 2022

Pivot Door

GILBERT, Arizona – Today, Awake Window & Door Co., a North American luxury window and door system manufacturer based in Arizona, unveils its innovative new 555 Series Pivot Door to the public for the first time. This new addition to Awake’s product family is rather complementary in nature as it continues the narrative of “Less us. More view.”

Since it began taking orders in late 2021, Awake has grown rapidly as a company and is now up over 70 employees. This new Pivot Door continues the expansion of their minimal frame product family and brings some exciting new features that the market has been demanding from the young company.

The talented engineering team at Awake engaged in extensive research and development to overcome some of the challenges commonly found in pivot door designs across the industry. These requests included integrating the overhead closer mechanism, creating an unrestricted pivot point assembly, and providing minimal sightlines for maximum views.

With the introduction of the pivot door, Awake is able to provide a solution with endless possibilities. These features include a maximum panel size of 96” x 144” (96 Sq ft.), jamb depths as small as 4.5”, three sill types, multiple handle options, and the ability to insert or mull it within the existing product family. However, “the new Pivot Door would not have been possible without the in-house design of our proprietary, unrestricted pivot point,” added Dustin Wright, Vice President of Engineering & Design..


“Awakes steadfast belief in solving complex problems with innovative solutions is no more evident than in the elegance and beauty of our new 555 series Pivot Door” says Andrew Darr, CRO. “Being able to take the time to listen to the requests from homeowners, architects, builders and dealers is incredibly important to us at Awake, and we embrace finding a way to ‘say yes’ to what they need.” continued Darr.

In keeping with its social mission focused on combatting mass incarceration and reducing recidivism, Awake has named this product the “Series 555 Pivot Door”. The “555” is to represent the over 555,000 people who are locked up on a daily basis in the United States who have not even been convicted of a crime, but are simply imprisoned because they cannot afford cash bail.

With this addition to its product family, Awake reaffirms its dedication to continue to bring to market some of the most desirable windows and doors which will help create jobs for those that need it most.

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About Awake Window & Door Co.

Awake Window & Door Co. Is a luxury window and door system manufacturer with minimal frames designed to maximize views while combatting mass incarceration. Our family of products is designed to help architects, builders, and homeowners achieve their ambitious design goals with massive sizes, competitive energy values, and immense design flexibility. Our stakeholders play an active role in our social mission of creating second chance employment for formerly incarcerated individuals.  Our custom products are sold through a talented dealer base throughout North America.